IM-21 Review & Ratings –      Should you buy it?

Getting a shredded, muscular body requires you to diet like crazy.  But what if there is a way for you to get ripped  WITHOUT changing the way you eat?  WITHOUT skipping a meal?  WITHOUT cutting back on carbs, calories or any fast foods and sweets? 

Well, that’s what IM-21 claims it can do for you.  IM-21 is a nutritional supplement powder endorsed by Mike Tyson (more on that later).  According to the product’s presentation, IM-21 enables you get an amazing body without requiring the months of strict dietary changes that is commonly preached. That’s because with IM-21,  your body quickly switches over into “anabolic growth mode”, setting the foundation for significant muscle size gains and  rapid fat loss.

If you are thinking about to giving IM-21 a try, but you unsure, keep reading.  This review here will help you make an informed decision on whether IM-21 is a good buy for you or not (and at  a whopping 69 bucks for a one month supply, you best read this review from beginning to end without skipping).

We’ll comb through the ingredients and dig deep into the science of how IM-21 works.  We’ll also go through testimonials around the web, and deliver an honest assessment of IM-21 and let you know if we think  IM-21 is just another scam? Or is it the real deal that gets you jacked, shredded, and turning heads left and right?

So let’s dive in…

What is IM-21?

Im-21 is short for “Iron Matrix – 21”.  According to its advertisement, this nutritional supplement powder mix is the secret to how a 53 year old, overweight and out of shape Mike Tyson was able to reverse his slowing metabolism and go back into anabolic mode to “melt away 100 pounds of fat in the blink of an eye. And add 15 pounds of lean punching power back to my frame to make me even deadlier than I was in my prime.”

As the story, Mike Tyson had  “let himself go” after retiring from boxing.  His weight gain made him feel tired, depressed and completely destroyed his confidence.  After reaching a low point, Iron Mike decided he had had enough and it was time to get back in shape and reclaim his manhood.  He was introduced to a concoction of health ingredients he drank everyday.  

And very quickly, his body got back into growth mode and regained the muscle size, strength and leanness of his youth as a world champion.  Impressed by his transformation, Mike’s circle of friends asked for the same formulation Mike had used.  And after seeing the same life changing results amongst other users,  Mike and his team turned this formulation into a commercial muscle building product assessable to the consumer.

IM-21 is a powder you mix into a drink  you guzzle down daily (once in the morning, and once at night).  Aside from increased fat burn, muscle growth and strength gains, other reported benefits include better, deeper sleep…. Increased energy levels… and sharper, better mental performance and alertness … and increased confidence and competitive drive.

The makers of Mike Tyson’s IM-21 also notes the formulation works for men of all ages, especially men over 40 and can help you feel and look 20 years younger… just like you did  back in your prime.

How does IM-21 work and what is the science behind it?

The makers of IM-21 claim that IM-21 is not a testosterone booster.  It is not an HGH growth hormone enhancer. And that IM-21 is something completely different.  IM-21 helps you lose fat and gain muscle by maximizing amino acid usage.  

According to Im-21’s presentation, low protein intake or ineffective work outs are not to blame for your lack of muscle gain or fat loss. Rather,  most guys over 35 struggle to improve their physiques because  our aging digestive system cannot convert the protein we eat into amino acids as efficiently as when we were young.  Amino acids are the building blocks of lean muscle tissues.  It is what ingested protein is broken down into and your muscles feeds on to grow.   

Not only that, but when your body cannot produce enough amino acids  (which is very often the case for men over 40)… your body kicks into “survival mode” and hoards its precious amino acids for other more crucial functions like repairing brain cells, joint cartilage and other essential organs.

Starving for amino acids, your muscle mass tears itself down faster than it can rebuild itself, causing your muscles to wither away, which then further triggers a cascading meltdoawn of your manhood.  

The muscles loss slows metabolism, causing you to gain weight gain.  And for men, this excess body fat iniaties a process called aromatase… which then leads to excess estrogen.  And estrogen destroys testosterone.  This whole process turns your chest into man boobs and stores fats in you hips, buttocks and stomach, just like a women.

Im-21 helps you avoid this middle age downward spiral, and gets you back into strong, masculine shape.  All without requiring any diet change, because when your digestive system converts protein into muscle building amino acids more efficiently, your lean muscle tissues get bigger, forcing your body into a caloric deficit. 

As a matter of fact, the creators of IM-21 claim that amino acids are so vital for muscle growth that in one study, a nutritional formulation packed with essential  amino acids helped a group of 80 year old men pack on muscles at the same efficiency as and young guys in their 20s and 30s.

Aside from helping your digestive system crank out more amino acids, Im-21 is also said also re-energize your body for better workouts and helps you sleep better at night for improved muscle recovery to fuel further growth.

How do we rate and IM-21? Should you buy it?

Let’s now get down to the nitty gritty.  To determine if IM-21 is worth buying, let’s break down the product and rate each important aspect of it.   

First, let’s review the science behind it.  It is proven that for most of us, our diets are adequately filled with protein. And many of us also put in decent workouts.  So failure to build muscle can’t be from low protein intake or lack of workout intensity.  So yes, it is the aging process, whereby our bodies can’t process digested protein and turning into muscle building amino acids that’s making our bodies fall apart.  Not only that, but the weight gain from it also drives down our testosterone levels, further making our health, energy and physical appearance sink worsen even more.  We rate the science behind Im-21 an A

Next, let’s review the formulation of ingredients. Though IM-21 is a two packaged product that packs on a long list of nutrients, more is NOT always better.  Our own scientific investigation shows that IM-21 does contain some unique ingredients can that produce great results for muscle gain and fat burn.  But much of their nutrients can easily be obtained in sufficient amounts through foods you can easily buy at the supermarket- such as in meats, grains and fruits. So nothing really special except for a few ingredients like Gamma-Aminobulyric Acid (gaba) and l-glutamine which are either hard to get in food or are very expensive to buy individually.  But overall, we think the formulation is good, but nothing special.  We rate the formulation a solid B.

Now, lets rate the effectiveness of IM-21.  Yes, it’s a decent formulation, but we are not sure if you can burn off pounds of excess body fat and pack on heaps of muscle as some say you can. Yes, it worked for Iron Mike Tyson because he is a genetic freak.  Come on, let’s face reality.  You don’t become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world with Average Joe muscle and strength genetics.  But because IM-21 has good science,  we rate the effectiveness a respectable B-.

Next, let’s rate the cost of IM-21.  Here, there won’t be much debate.  At a whopping $69 for a month’s supply, it’s simply way too much for what we see as just a solid product.  For 69 bucks, we expect a damn near “miracle” solution that instantly sheds off inches in the waist and add on slabs of lean tissue… like the next morning.  Sorry, Iron Mike, but that just cost a bit too much.  We rate the price a C.

Finally, let’s get right down to it and give an overall rating for IM-21?  Overall, after reviewing every detail of this product, we give IM-21 a solid B+.  IM-21 is a good product.  We think it could help you build muscle, lose fat and improve your body composition. However, the price is too high.  And we don’t know if you could achieve your ultimate goal of getting lean, ripped and jacked. 

Better yet, we strongly feel that you can achieve a leaner, more muscular body faster and at almost half the cost of IM-21.  It’s a product called ErecSpray.

The muscle builder and metabolism booster we reviewed and rated an A+

For building lean muscle and increasing fat burn, our top rated product is ErecSpray.  

ErecSpray contains the most effective nutrients we know of to support the body’s conversion of protein into amino acid.  Each one of its ingredients are scientifically tested and assists your digestive system in the breakdown of protein into muscle creating amino acids.  In other words, you get into anabolic mode fast! : 

Here is ErecSpray’s ingredient deck:  Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha-GPC)… Gamma-Aminobulyric Acid (gaba)…  L-dopa bean extract (mucana pruriens)… Moomiyo extract (shilajit)… Omithine alpha keloglutarate… l-glutamine… l-arginine… l-lysine… L-valine… L-isoleucine… L-tyrosine… Glycerin… 


With ErecSpray, you will maximize amino acid production, energy levels and sleep recovery for the biggest muscle gains. Because your body switches over into growth mode fast… your testosterone and growth hormones will also be optimized.  This leads to accelerated fat burn, especially in stubborn body sections like the stomach and underneath the  chest.  But it’s not just better physical strength and stamina you will notice… your sex drive and erection power also gets better too.

Another key to ErecSpray’s  is that its an oral spray.  This technology allows for super fast absorption, excellent digestibility and high concentrations of of muscle building amino acids to rack on pounds of lean muscle mass – great anabolic actiion!  Simply put, liquid sprays work better than powders or pills. You simply pull out ErecSpray from your pocket and squirt it in your mouth.

Beginning with the very first dosage of ErecSpray… you can feel your muscles come alive, and rapidly achieve the “V” shaped” symmetry that is universally admired and desired.  Your pride will erupt like a volcano when you catch a glimpse of your own sculpted, hulking reflection on glass windows.

So if you have been struggling to get back in peak physical shape…  you always tired and lethargic, feeling only half alive?  And you want to become the alpha male that walks off with the best of everything? You can buy ErecSpray here at a remarkably affordable price to experience the ultimate transformation.

ErecSpray is not only priced at a cost that anyone can afford, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  In other words, you can even return empty, used bottles back and still get a 100% refund on your purchase.  That’s how confident the manufacturer is that ErecSpray will help you increase your muscle size and power… and have you waking up that sleepy energy of yours and make it hum like a high powered motor.  Man, you will look and feel different.  You’ll begin to live!

Are your ready to joint the club of "Alpha Males"?

Alpha male status are reserved for the top 3% of men.  What makes a man leader that sits atop the pecking order has not changed for 100,000 years – physical presence, confidence and drive.  These are also the same characteristics that arouses a woman and gets her wet since Adam & Eve ( a man with lean sculpted muscles and fit an intimidating “V” shape physique that signals to her a superior gene pool to mate to give her the healthiest offspring)

So how do you become elite?  How do you become an alpha male?  According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the average body fat percentage in a prime male is 10 to 22%. With ErecSpray… you will finally have the tools to ignite growth and metabolism to reach the ideal sub 10% body fat percentage.   You will also feel the “aggressive go getter energy” and “drive” to take charge and impose your will on your peers and competitors in physical competition and work place.  You will dominate other men.  And women will lay at your feet and submit to your demands.  As an alpha male, you will advance at your job and excel at every social setting.  You will earn a higher salary because your confidence reeks of success and attention.  So don’t waste anymore time… get the ripped, shredded physique that turns heads and forces others to notice here… 100% risk free!